K8061 C# 2010 Communication Problem

Hello @ll,

i have a K8061 USB Board connected to PC.
I have programmed my software with c# 2010.

The Communication works quite fine but after different times (10 second up to 2 hours) the communication gets lost.
Connected = false;

I use the 2011 Package Dlls and the software is compiled with X86.
Pc is 64 Bit PC / Win7.
The Demo Software C# works quite fine.

Where can be the Problem?

In this thread there seems to be about similar case: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4977

You may download and try this modified K8061.DLL v3.0.0.2:
This DLL does not disconnect the card if a USB communication error occurs.

We seem to have the same problem with a Windows 8.1 x64-PC with version, too.
The communication works fine but the connection gets also lost after seconds up to minutes.
In the device manager the card is available without any errors, but neighter our C#-program nor the DEMO-program can connect to the K8061 anymore.

Unfortunately v3.0.0.2 doesn’t work with 8.1 anymore, it forces an exception.
Exists a patched version like v3.0.0.2 which doesn’t disconnect the card if an Commucation error occurs?

The K8061.DLL v3.0.0.2 works with the USB driver version only.
Here is the link to download the driver and a C# demo for the K8061 written in Microsoft Visual C# 2010:

The DLL v3.0.0.2 is in the folder: …\K8061DemoVC#_2010\K8061Demo\bin\x86\Debug
There is also other required file mpusbapi.dll.
You can copy these DLLs to folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64.
The DLL v3.0.0.2 and the C# demo are 32-bit software.

I have tested this demo/driver combination on Windows 10 (64-bit). It should work on Windows 8.1 too.