K8061 64bit DLL

Hello, I am desperately trying to find the k8061 64bit version.

Currently my company just order 50 units of the VM140

We are using the input board for a driving simulator, and our program needs to compile in 64bit. since it uses a large amount of resources

If you don’t have a 64bit version of the k8061, is it possible to get the source code to it, and its dependencies so I can try to compile/edit it into a 64bit version.

Compiling our program in 32bit isn’t that good of an option because we are using a 3rd party graphics engine that will not multi thread under 32 bit correctly on our 64 bit systems

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but no 64bit version of the K8061.DLL is available.
Here you can download the 32bit Delphi source code to the K8061.DLL: box.com/s/32973cf5e1657f7f1392
The K8061.DLL is using functions from the Microchip’s mpusbapi.dll.
The mpusbapi.dll source code is available in the “Microchip Application Libraries v2012-04-03 Windows” from: microchip.com/stellent/idcpl … e=en547784