K8060/VM100 Frequency Response 200MHz?

The literature and packing for the VM100 and K8060 states the Frequency Reponse goes up to 200KHz. Is this correct or should it read 20KHz? A customer has returned one to us saying that it does not achieve 200MHz. When asked why he needed such a high Freq Response he said:

"There are some high power audio amplifiers that reach 200KHz so they have a high slew rate. i.e. they can track the low signal audio input and provide a high voltage output at the same frequency. This is quite a complicated subject.

These are normally very exspensive so if your specification had been correct, it would of been ideal.

If you find one at 200KHz, please let me know. You do have some other audio amplifiers post 150KHz, can you please check these specifiactions for me?"

K8060 test sample measured 200kHz (-3dB)
Specs may vary slightly due to component tolerances.

Our customer says

“The -3dB point was 22Khz at full output. Please ask them if the amplifier can handle 200KHz at full output swing.”