K8060 reduced power operation

I’m currently building up two K8060’s for a home stereo amplifier. I would like to operate them through a pair of bookshelf speakers. I’m having trouble finding a pair of speakers with sufficient power handling for the K 8060’s.
I have also been reading that this amp configuration may be prone to instability under certain operating circumstances. Is this something I need to worry about?
In any event is there a safe way to derate the output of this amplifier whilst still preserving it’s performance.

Thanks Mike


These are the max specs for the output of this amplifier.
This output is suitable for 4 or 8 ohms.

Max.100Wrms power @ 4 ohm load.
Max 70Wrms power @ 8 ohm load.

To use the amplifier optimally, and not to overload it, it’s better to choose a speaker that is below the max. power of the amplifier.

eg for 4 ohms speaker (load) =>80W rms.
eg for 8 ohm speaker (load) => 50W rms.

Best regards,
Velleman Supprt