K8060 pâte thermique

In the course of my long life, I’ve had the opportunity to assemble dozens of electronic kits of various brands, including the “famous” Velleman kits, which are, for me, among the best.
Today is the first time I’ve come to this forum to express myself.
I’m in the process of assembling the “K8060” amplifier, and I’ve just finished reading ALL the posts about it on the site, before turning it on, which is a good thing, because I can’t put it “into service”.
Why not? Quite simply because none of the retailer’s websites, nor the commercial presentation of this product, “clearly” mentions the imperative need to obtain thermal paste, and even less to specify that this is not included in the package, as is the case for the heat sink, which itself is supplied without this paste.
So here I am, faced with the frustration of having to choose a product (which one do you recommend), source it (with an additional transport cost), and wait for it to arrive, since there’s no component reseller near me, whereas I could have ordered everything at once if I’d been better informed.
I hope that my next post will only express my satisfaction with the way this module works.

One more word…
I suppose you have to choose a “non-conductive” product to avoid short circuits…