K8056 to slow in RS232 mode

Is there anyone that can explain why the K8056 is so slow turning on the relays when it´s connected to the PC (RS232)???
What can i do about it??
I need it to react directly when the program send out the data.
Is it just the Velleman demo program that makes it slow or is it slow with other programs??

‘slow’ is relative. As the unit is equipped with relays, fast switching is useless, unless you want to prematurely wear out the relays.

Yes that´s true. But it takes atleast a half second for the relays too be activated from when the data led is lit. It seem´s a little too long??
If you use switches to activate the relays it reacts almost direcly.

Fast switching?? thats not the issiue. It´s that the board reacts slow when it´s connected to the PC.
It must be a delay in the PIC or in the PC-program. Im not gonna switch fast between the relays but i want them to react when i push the button on my pc-program and not a second later.