K8056 - PIC damaged over night?

Hi everybody,
Yesterday i build up my K8056 and tested it via PC an RS232 and the example software.
It was working correctly, …no problems.

I wrote my own software to communicate with the K8056.
My own software was also working but i experienced with the software all the night.
I also was sending data to the K8056 all the time.

While i experienced with my own software the supply voltage (12VDC) of the K8056 was turned off.
I use 12VDC because i dont need the rectifier.

Today i turned the supply Voltage on again but there is no more reaction!?
Neither with the example software nor with my own software.

But i have nothing changed with the hardware.
It was connect all the time to the comport.
The only thing is that the supply voltage was turned of for ~12 hours (rs232 input was not turned off)

What is wrong?
Is the PIC damaged?

Could some other things be damaged and why?

Thank u for a fast response!

Theres a reaction, but only when i switch between “show adress” and “emergency stop” ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Most likely, you have changed the address of the card to an unknown address.
That explains why the card only responds to ‘show address’ and ‘emergency stop’, as these commands do not require an address.
Click ‘show address’ and make a note of the displayed address on the card. If it has been changed to ‘0’, the card will not show it.
(please see manual for how-to instructions).

Thank you very much!
i cant find a How-to for card-adresses and kind of that in the manual explained very well,
but your note of the binary adress showed ON the card helped me.

I was wondering why LED1 - 8 where: 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1


OK its decimal for 31, so i tested it on adress 31 and it worked :smiley:

Thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue: