K8056 GUI How change the button text at the software

I wonder how I should be able to change the GUI or the button in the provided test program that comes with the K8056 relay card.

If I want instead of pressing a button that has a “1” on it, I would like to change it to “heat” instead for example.

I have downloaded the program code and VB6 and tried to chang it in the (frame) code, *.frm from “1” to “some text” but it doesnt change a thing at the GUI look… how do I do this.

Also I have two cards… so I would like directly to just plick one button and it directly change the right relay. (so I dont have to go up to the scroll window and chang to relay card 2…

Super big thanks if someone could help me… Im doing a real nice project but this has been the hardest part…