K8056 and K8058

I’m interesting to buying these two kits, but I have one question. I want to know (if available) how long does it take to relay change state from OFF to ON when I press the button and how long does it take to change state from ON to OFF when I release the button?

I press the button 1 (reacting time to turn ON relay is____?), i hold the button 1 pressed ON for 5s (relay is in ON state), I release the button 1 (reacting time to turn OFF relay is___?)

Thank you for answer if avaliable.

Sorry, this has never been measured and this is not constant, it depends on reception signal quality.

Thank you for reply. Distance between RX an TX is maximum 4 meters (signal qualitiy is very good). If you have these two kits assembled, could you masure approximate values of these times?