K8055N with Profilab-Expert 4.0?

Dear reader, for my work I use Deditec boards together with Profilab-Expert 4. To be able to program at home I wanted to have an affordable test kit myself and decided to buy and put together a Velleman K8055N kit. However, while the K8055N_Demo.exe program works fine, I can’t get it working in Profilab. Once I start a program Profilab simply freezes.

Only when I first start the demo software, connect and leave it running I can start Profilab and run a program. But only with limited fucntionality: Profilab can then read input values, but not operate the output channels. I assume because the running demo software prevents it.

I will check if it might run on a different computer with Profilab to make sure it is not a local problem with my Windows config.

Meanwhile I’d really like to know if someone here can confirm that the K8055N can work with the Velleman K8055 module as present in Profilab. If so, any tips and tricks are appreciated.

I run Windows 10, Profilab-Expert 4.0, K8055D.dll ( but also tried, in both system32 and SysWOW64 maps).

Of course… Asking for help and an hour later I find the solution myself…
Well, for other people having issues: Simply copy the K8055D.dll to the Profilab-Expert folder, overwriting the K8055D.dll that comes with Profilab. It is the version of the file that works (I tried as well, but this one doesn’t work). I’m glad it works.

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