K8055n VM110n

Good mourning/evening,

can someone tell me what the difference is between the K8055, K8055n and VM110 and VM110n

Soon I have to buy 4 more interface cards.

As far as I can see the difference between the VM110 and the VM110n is size and price.
So I think I’d like to buy the VM110n, but have to use them within a few weeks.

Can you tell me…

  • when they will be available? Soon might not bee soon enough :wink:
  • can you tell me more about the differences?

I’d be pleased to hear from you.


Sorry, I have no info on the release schedule.

Thanks for your quick respond.


it would be cool that this new dll could be used with old K8055 and improve its speed…

In the published specifications I can see this:

general conversion time: 20ms per command

general conversion time: 2ms per command

I am looking forward to this board.

Je suis également très intéressé par cette nouvelle révision du VM110.

Le temps de conversion est-il bien de 2ms ou s’agit-il d’une erreur de typo ?

Quel est le prix annoncé ?


Temps de conversion: 2ms
Disponibilité et prix: consultez votre revendeur Velleman. Liste disponible sur www.velleman.be


J’ai vu que la période de lecture minimale était de 10ms pour l’USB 1.

Il semble que cette carte soit également en USB 1.

Par conséquent quel est le délais réel typique entre deux lectures d’entrée analogique pour ce module ?
L’USB 2 est il supporté ?

So what’s the typical reading interval on the analog inputs ? Can we effectively get new values every 2ms and does it require to be connected as USB2.0 or something ?

This is the last thing I need to know before purchasing !

Thank you very much.

[quote]Can we effectively get new values every 2ms[/quote]Yes.

[quote] and does it require to be connected as USB2.0[/quote]No, USB 1.1 is OK too.

Very good !

One more question : what’s the available range on input gain & attenuation ?

[quote]One more question : what’s the available range on input gain & attenuation ?[/quote]Please check the “gain factor” on p. 10 of this manual:
velleman.eu/downloads/0/illu … k_rev3.pdf

will there be a way to convert regular K8055 to K8055n? there are some info on the net on how to make this now, but it’s not absolutely clear on how to make it.

I have used a K8055N for a couple of weeks now. It has the same inputs and outputs as the K8055 but is considerably faster as far as the digital side is concerned. The analogue to digital converter seems to run about twice has fast - which was a disappointment for me as I was hoping for a speed similar to the K8061.


The K8055N analog input sampling interval is about 2ms.
The sampling speed should be about similar as to the K8061.
What kind of test code did you use?
Here is my test code snippet:

procedure TForm1.Button12Click(Sender: TObject); var i, Data1, Data2: integer; sdata1: array[0..100] of integer; sdata2: array[0..100] of integer; begin Memo1.clear; for i:=0 to 99 do begin ReadAllAnalog(Data1,Data2); sdata1[i]:=Data1; sdata2[i]:=Data2; end; for i:=0 to 99 do begin Memo1.lines.add(inttostr(i)+chr(9)+inttostr(sdata1[i])+chr(9)+inttostr(sdata2[i])) end; Memo1.selectall; Memo1.copytoclipboard; end;
I connected 10Hz signal to the analog inputs of the K8055N and run the test.
Here are the results plotted on an Excel chart:

The result shows that 100 samples from analog inputs 1 and 2 are taken in 200ms.
I.e. the sampling interval is about 2ms.