K8055N Problem with external power source


a note at the beginning. My English is “not the yellow from the egg” :smiley: not good, so I use a translator.I hope it works anyway.

Well, I have the Velleman K8055N module which works as far as. Now I am looking for a long time for tutorials e.g. for a turn signal.

But now comes my problem. When I connect an external power source, like on the picture, the IC4 gets very hot and started to smoke.

dbf753ba84159e00ac2d059ea80392441864ef13 (1)

Solder joints are checked and no abnormalities are found. What could still be the problem?

Thanks for your help

This can happen if the external power polarity is reversed.
When the power polarity is reversed, a large current is passing through the integrated circuit IC4 and hence components in the circuit may be burned out.

If the power polarity is OK, and still the IC4 gets hot, this may indicate that IC4 can be defective.

Okay, thanks for that. Then I will first get a new IC4 and then test it again.

As external power supply a 12V / 2A power supply is ok?

Yes, this is OK.
The current rating 2A is more than enough…