K8055 win7 error 43

Hi Guys!

I’ve been spending most of my sunday trying to connect my K8055 board to my WIN7 Thinkcenter desktop PC, without any luck. :open_mouth:
(LED 8 blinks twice and then stays on, ON LED is “on” also).
I’ve been through all the pages in the Web (well, almost…) trying to fix an issue where my PC tells me that it’s an “unknown device” and the driver-installation has stopped (code 43).
I’ve tried different card settings also with no difference.
Well, there are a massive number of pages on the Web and on this forum regarding this error-code, but so far none of them has helped me solving the problem with a K8055.
Is there anyone out there that has a clue on how to fix this (I hope) Win 7 issue…???


On quite many pages there are recommended this procedure:
For laptop:
[color=#008000]Shut down, remove the battery, spend a few minutes and then put the battery back and restart.[/color]
In case of a desktop PC:
Shut down, unplug the power cable for some minutes.

Please see: windows-exe-errors.com/fix-windo … zed-error/

I have used that reference page yesterday without any succes… :cry:
I have even invested $40 in a driver update program (which was a waiste of money for me…)

What is most likely to be faulty on the K8055 - is that the PIC…?? Is there a “easy” way to verify the board’s working…?
We’re agree that the board should run on the USB voltage only, right…??

The two flashes of the LD8 indicate that the PIC is running.

The easiest way to check if the board is OK is to connect it to other PC.

But are you(Velleman Support) aware of any WIN7 issues with this board…??
Meaning, does it make any sense continue trying to fix it as a software error…??


Since this is a kit you might want to check the assembly.

@Wrong Way; Good point but the thing is, which I think I forgot to tell, the board has worked previously on a 10 year old IBM Thinkpad (which don’t exist in this house anymore) running XP, but not on WIN 7 machine…
But allright, It doesn’t hurt to check the assembly again…


It maybe a good idea to test it on another machine as well maybe an XP machine of a friend.
If this checks out then maybe a different Win 7 machine.
This should tell you if it is the K8055 or the machine you’re using it on.
I have one of these and I know it works on Win 7.

I hope this helps.