K8055/vm110 outputting to mysql

Thanks for looking in. I have read many posts related to taking the realtime information and storing it in a database, but not found a complete guide. So I was hoping that I could liaise with someone to take me through the process of running the board on linux, getting the date in to a mysql database, and I would write it up as a howto guide.
The environment would be ubuntu and the idea is to use opensource software all the way.
I am coming back to electronics after a 20 year gap but I am good at php/mysql programming so once in that form I could write lots of software to manipulate the data.
If anyone has managed to write to mysql database or got php to set the values on the input side of the board then please do respond and perhaps we can make this a worthwhile project.

Many thanks


Hello Phill,

I’m just looking the same information as you, had you find something interesting during these time?
Had you develop the proyect?