K8055(VM110) conversion time question

I have the following question: in the manual it’s read than conversion time for K8055 is 20mSec.

I have the impulses to digital in with a frequensy 8mSec(mili). Doesn’t mean that I can’t read every impuls in the digital impult via timer that reads data every 8mSec(miliSec)?

And the second question:
I have input impulses 5V. Will it be ok if I connect and will sent directly this impulses into digital inputs (“ground” for impulses and for K8055 is the same - in the car)? Will it be possible to read in from digital inputs (the values from digital inputs will be inversed in this case)? If this schema is not allowed (is not workable) I will sent inpulses to transistor’s base. And this transistor will open “a way” from K8055 ground to Digital Input.

Regards, Alexy

If the pulse high period is only 8ms you can’t read all the pulses.
It should be minimum 11ms high and 11ms low to read it.

Alternatively you may use the internal counters of the card. Those can count up to frequency 2kHz if duty cycle is 50%.

I think that counter calculates only 1. But in my data stream there are 0 and 1. And can be a problem to determine that 0 was received. Does it make sense?

Is it pulse length or frequency you are interested to measure.
If frequency, then you can use the counter.