K8055 Visual Basic 2008 Express edition

I want to transfer from VB6 to VB2008 an existing project with the k8055 board.
I cannot access the K8055 board with the existing K8055 Rev3 .dll
Can anyone help what has to be done to get it running ?
Does it need another .dll or additional stuff.

What is the problem or error message you get?
The version 3 DLL should be OK.

You may download an example project and try to run it.
The download link is: vel255.diinoweb.com/files/K8055_VB_2008.zip
The DLL is in the project’s bin folder.
You may remove the K8055D.DLL from the Windows\System32 folder.

Thank´s a lot for your hint. It works already with the demo link you sent. I did not know the demo example with VB.net
I hope i can transfer now my project with the hint´s in the demo. Thank´s again

Dear guys!

After a lot of delphi-related test with the K8055 board, I’m now stepping over to visual basic .net.
Works great, and the demo you provided is fine too.

BUT! The card selection mode (as provided in the delphi example) for use with multiple cards is not included in this version. Can someone help me create it? Or give me a download link?

Thanks a lot in advance!

[color=#FF0000]Edit: Multiple card support is included. Thanks anyway. [/color]

On a personal note: I’d recommend Delphi over .NET for these kind of applications

Hi guys!

Im a beginner and I wanted to use the K8055 with VB2008 Vers. 9.0.3. Unfortunately I get warnings and Im missing several items on the Form1.vb screen, like check boxes. Also some text is not on the correct position.
The German warning text is:
“In Ausdrücken für Select- oder Case-Anweisungen werden Operanden vom Typ “Object” verwendet. Dies kann Laufzeitfehler verursachen.”

I’m using the files downloades from:

Seems attachments are not enabled so I cannot add a screen shot.

Thanks for your kind support.

Best regards,


If the form looks like this it is OK:

The check boxes etc. are generated in the code.
Sorry - I do not know the reason to the warning you get.

yes, that’s the screen.

Thanks for your prompt reply.


I’m trying to download the file K8055_VB_2008.zip
The link vel255.diinoweb.com/files/K8055_VB_2008.zip doesn’t seem to work currently.

please try box.net/shared/euf9bd2rc4 (found in another thread in the forum)