K8055 USB Experiment Interface card - AD1 / AD2 issue

I have an issue with the AD1 / AD2 values that the demo software is displaying. The values shown for both the A1 and A2 inputs are approximately 208, although I have no inputs connected. The test potentiometers only increase the values having been turned about two thirds of of their rotation clockwise. The AD1/AD2 values will not drop below 208.

I am a novice at soldering, and this project has been the first bit of soldering I have done in 8 years, I have therefore probably gone wrong somewhere… but where should I look?

Any hints on what would cause the discrepancies in the input values would be much appreciated.

Please check the IC1 solderings.
It seems that it is not getting “ground”.
Do you get some values from AD1 and AD2 if you remove the jumper caps from the pin headers SK2 and SK3?

IC1 appears to be in the right position.

And yes, I get values even while SK2 or SK3 aren’t jumped.

Please check the IC1 solderings.
Especially pin 11.

I think you’ve got it, pin 11 isn’t soldered too well, its loose. I’ll resolder it, I will let you know if the problem persists. Thanks.

It was indeed my lack of soldering skill on pin 11. Thank you very much.

This was quick resolution of the problem!

Have fun and enjoy your K8055 :slight_smile: