K8055 to connect to an other µC

Hi Experts,
I want to connect my K8055 to an other µC like ATmega32U4 with integrated USB-Interface.
To build up a communication between those both I need to know which telegrams are needed to control the K8055 and what answers will come back. The DLL für Windows-PCs is not really useful. And to analyse the DLL-sources will not work because the link I have found in the forum doesn´t work:
“VEL436 Support Team in Apr '09
The K8055 is using Interrupt transfer.
You may download the source code of the K8055 DLL from: vel255.diinoweb.com/files/K8055D_DLL_source.zip

Could you please provide the requested information.
Best regards

Hi Please check if this download works:

Thanks for the link for the download.
But I´m a bit disappointed not to find the transmission-protocol with runs on the USB.
Do you have an other link for that?


Please check these posts: