K8055 to be used for carillon

Dear all,
I have a K8055 card connected to a relais card to have a 9 channel 220V output (8 digital+1 analogue which is used as on/off).
It is all nicely setup in a box and connected to the computer. Card and relais are working with the test interface.
The 9 channels are connected to 9 bronze bells (24-45kg) to form a carillon.
I have a radio controlled clock next to it performing the hour strike on a larger bell (300kg) but hopefully this can be replaced by the 10th channel of the K8055.
Now my question:
Is there somebody who can help me startup with developing a programm to have these bells performing some music every hour during daytime.
I have no experience in any progamming language and I thought it was easy to find somebody around me who could help me. Unfortunately this was not the caseā€¦
Hope somebody can provide some help.

It would indeed be somewhat of a challenge to create such software, mostly because of the timing involved