K8055 Stopped Working

Hi Guys, been using the K8055 for a couple of days to find it no longer works after my computer crashed while using the card.

When i plug the device into my pc the Power Led LD11 blinks once, and if i plug the cable in slowly it blinks 3 times, my computer then picks up the device as unknown. Any help would be greate.

It seems the PC disconnects the card.
Maybe there is too high current consumption on the K8055. The reason to this may be a defective component on the K8055 card or soldering fault.
As a test you may remove the IC3 and then plug in the USB cable and check the power LED LD11 behaviour.

thanks for a speedy responce, but i tried removig the ic3 and now nothing happens

edit: could it be a driver related issue?

[quote]i tried removig the ic3 and now nothing happens[/quote]Doesn’t the LD11 lit?

[quote]edit: could it be a driver related issue?[/quote]Maybe…
Also may be hardware issue.

No no light, assuming the IC3 is the long black microchip in the middle of the board

This indicates there is no USB voltage +5V coming out from the PC.

Strage, its powering my keyboard and mouse right now.
Does the board require usb 2.0?

No need for USB2. USB 1.1 is OK too.

Maybe on the K8055 card there is an open circuit or a short circuit (bad soldering).

The soldering joints look good.