K8055 Source for the PIC


Where can I download the source code ( assembler code) for PIC 16C745, which is included with the K8055 educational kit?

The source code for the dll would also be of interest to take a look at (for educational purposes).


Sorry, the PIC code is not avilable.
I’ll send you the original DLL source.

I see that this source has been sended. Could you also send it to me?

I’ve started building a php application to interact with the K8055 board. I would like to implement some loggin in the dll.

Thanks in advance

You may download it from: vel255.diinoweb.com/files/K8055D_DLL_source.zip

Hello, i have a small problem,
i’ll have to write my own C++ code to control the VM110, without the dll,
now it would be usefull to take a look at the source of the dll, but its offline,
it would be great if anyone could upload it for me =)

You may download the original DLL source from:

Thanks, the site is back online, but i will need the source for the K8055D_C.DLL, im not familiar with delphi or other languages :smiley:
it would be very great

I would also be interested to have the C source of K8055D_C.DLL

I wrote a few wrapper classes in C#, over the k8055d.dll, but it would be much nicer if was self contained (without he depency of k8055d.dll).

Detecting and communicating with USB devices is not easy. It seems the delphi source is also using some 3rd party library (Jedi VCL?) to handle USB devices, so if you don’t have that installed you’ll never get it to compile either.

“Windows Driver Kit”

“Setup API”

Hi, i know about the difficulties with usb devices, and i tried it myself as well, with no success :astonished:

now it would be very great to see how they did it, just to education purposes :smiley:


Hello, I have a problem I wanted to experiment board K8055 now I copy the K8055D.DLL openable to me only 2 codes out.
would it be possible that they send me the source code for this DLL it might may be the older version

Have a good time

Please see this thread to get the link to download source code for the K8055D.DLL: