K8055 preventing other programs from running

I Have 2 k8055 boards which work fine. The problem I have is that when the boards are plugged in to the usb ports on my PC some other programs will not run. For example Natural point trackIR software does not run neither does Live For Speed. Unplug the boards and both run ok. the support software for the K8055 does not have to be running and the DLL does not seem to be an issue as I can remove that to no avail.
Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution.


The problem is related to the DirectX version of the PC operating system.
DirectX version 9.0c (Windows XP) can be problematic.
By using DirectX 10 (Windows Vista, Windows 7) the problem should be solved.
Please check also these threads for similar cases:

Ok Thanks for the info.
Will follow the other links.