K8055 Outputs Faulty

My USB Interface board connects fine to USB, and correctly reports the analog and digital input values to the PC. The 2 counters work fine too.
Output 8 flashes during USB connection, so I don’t think this issue is hardware.

The prob is that none of the outputs respond (analog or digital) and clicking the ‘reset counter’ buttons has no effect either (although they worked before I upgraded the k8055d.dll

I’ve tested the output pins of the PIC and they are sat at 0v, so it seems that the PIC isn’t receiving the instructions from the PC.

I am using the demo software which came with the kit.

Thanks for any help.


It turns out I just had to remove a jumper, to change the USB device from channel 0. It now works like a dream! :smiley:

The K8055 should work with any of the addresses 0 to 3.
Strange that it doesn’t run OK with address 0.
Maybe changing to other USB socket of the PC helps. Close the demo software before the change. Also change the address jumpers before connecting the USB cable.