K8055 OpenDevice() (C++ and Java) (Multiple boards Address)


With the help of Mike Peter I have re-written a Java wrapper to control my two K8055 cards using Java.

I have got several programs which all work controlling the cards on address 0. However when I try moving the jumpers on sk5 or sk6 to re-address the boards… they still only respond on address 0.

This happens both on programs I have written in C++/Java and on the demo programs.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what can be done about it?

I am planning to put up a website to release the code for the Java wrapper ASAP as I have found it very useful and its fully functional thanks to Mike Peter.

Please help with this address issue, I am using K8055D_C.dll

The firmware of the K8055 reads the address setting of the jumpers at the startup.
After changing the address jumper setting you have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable - or do the address setting before you turn on your PC…

Thanks very much, that was indeed the problem/solution.