K8055 light sensor


I’ve a question about which light sensor I have to buy for my K8055 interface card, but first I’ll introduce my project.

For school we have to make a project by the end of the school year and I’ve chosen to make a sort of hard drive. Now, it ain’t a regular hard drive because we work with paper. Now, to read the stuff out of the paper (where are black dots on) we need a light sensor to be able to read it (black parts won’t reflect light so we know it’s a black spot which is simular to a 1 bit then). But the problem is, I just don’t know which light sensor suits for this project, or let’s say for the analog input for my K8055 interface card so I need you to help me a bit because I couldn’t find anywhere usefull information about this.

Friendly greetings,

you could have two IR LEDs one which transmits and the oter one recieves the signal. if there is a black dot, then the recieve LED wond get a signal which can be sensed bu the K8055. Or you could use the Velleman IR Beam-Breaker kit, and use the output from that to go to the K8055