K8055 + k8067 (universal temperature sensor)

I am thinking about buying a K8067 temperature sensor, and want to use it with my K8055.

The description says “power supply: 12VDC for 0 ~ 5V OUT”, so connecting it to a 12V power supply should give a output that the K8055 should be able to read.

My question is then if this is the right one to use? (might have forgot to think about something?) And are the output from it linear to the temperature?

On page 11 of the manual http://www.velleman.eu/downloads/0/illustrated/illustrated_assembly_manual_k8067.pdf is explicit showen how to connect the K8055. It would be working (with four 1k resistors parallel to the output). For the right temperature You must calculate as showen on page 12 with the formula °C = (101 * AD-value / 256) - 23 - so it seems to be linear.

lol yeah… i see that too now :blush:

was looking at it around 3.30am totally crosseyed :laughing: