K8055 & iPhone & Mac Book problem

Hi, I have the 8055 working, on an XP machine the desktop reads inputs and can set outputs.
Note, this is NOT the bridge software for the iphone as I have not installed the dot net framework.
This is the program from the CD that ships with the K8055

I then paid for and downloaded the iphone app
Then downloaded the desktop client for my macbook pro
Installed the app, ran it
Got a code for the ios bridge - entered the code on the iphone

Note - I did not run the cd that came with the 8055 as it does not appear to have a setup for the mac, so I cannot tell if the DLL is installed, I assumed it would be part of the Mac Bridge installation (?)

No response on the k8055, even after restarting the iphone app and the mac’s desktop app.
K8055 only has the power led on.

The desktop does not appear to show if it has made a connection or not, I cant tell if that is correct.

Hitting the input switches on the pcb does not change the Mac’s screen where there are 5 digital inputs.

iphone is iphone 4 running ios5 Beta
Mac is running Mac OS X 10.6.8

Any help in this would be appreciated, I cannot see how to troubleshoot this

Does anyone know how the desktop communicates to the iphone ?
Looks like it makes a http call to K8055.transcendsolutions.net

hi i had a problem like yours, you could try going to:


download the latest iso bridge
copy the k8055D dll to C/Windows/System32

Disconnect your card and close the application ( on pc and iphone )

******Remove BOTH JUMPERS from your k8055 card *** DO THIS***

Run the application, choose the correct jumper setting (both removed) from your pc program
Connect your card

and hey presto you can control your card via your iphone, cool 8)

going to try it via a different network later