K8055 + Internet control

Hello. My friends I want to do an interesting project. I already build and test an “archaic” wheel (analog input) and an accelerator pedal (digital input) , I want to travel over Google Maps. My problem is that I want to put the application runing over the Internet, I need to build a website maybe use JSP so I can learn this language, and then 2 “players” (of course both might have a K8055, wheel and pedal) can did a challenge! My question is, there is someway to call methods like ReadDigitalChannel() and others by the internet (jsp)? Or the users might have a small application runing in ther computer that manage the inputs in K8055 and send them to the website with sockets for example?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

This thread may be interesting:

[quote][color=#000080]Controlling and monitoring can also be done by a local network and even the internet.
The data from the interface can be logged analog and or digital.[/color][/quote]

thks for the help.