K8055 in c++: console stops running after "Opendevice(0)"

Im working with a k8055 interface for school, but i can’t even get the simplest of the simplest to work: just make some leds light up.

my program looks like this

#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include "k8055.cpp"

int main()

while (1)

no important errors whatsoever (only “no newline at end of file”), the only thing that happens is the console appearing, and then quickly dissapearing, without any result on the output leds.
I first thought it was the compiler, but if write a simple hello world program combined with the program above, it won’t work until i remove “OpenDevice(0);”,“CloseDevice();” and every line between, or if i move those lines to the end of my program.

can anyone tell me either i’m doing something wrong?
please let me know

Maybe you have to use:
#include “K8055D_C.h”

Please see the C++ example in the package:
DLL rev 2 with examples and soure code (this source can be uses also with DLL Rev 3.)

You’ll find it on the Velleman downloads page: