K8055 external power and analog input for pot

Hi All!
I’m really a novice.
I’ve got a simple question! I’m really don’t understand what wrong, my head or my card?
I put the DC 12V to GND and Clamp. I pulled off the SK2 and 3 jumpers, then i mount the pot between analog input A1 - GND. So I should expect, that the analog output the voltage will change when i’m adjusting the pot.
What i measure is nothing between A1-GND, and no change in DAC1 output voltage.

Please help.

The potentiometer has no effect because there is no voltage on it.
You need to connect the voltage to the potentiometer.
Here is the circuit diagram how to connect a battery and potentiometer to the analog input:

The DAC output doesn’t change if you feed voltage to the analog input.
The DAC output can only be controlled from the software.

The CLAMP terminal is needed if you connect relays or other inductive loads to the digital output.
Connect those between the CLAMP and the digital output. Connect the external positive voltage to CLAMP - as you have done.