K8055 DLL source code

I belive that the source code for the DLL supplied with the K8055 is available on request. Can I please have a copy.

You may download the original DLL source from:

Thank you


Can you re-upload the source code ?

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I’ld like also the source :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is an updated link to the K8055D.DLL source code: box.net/shared/dqjnhtjb2t
This source is for the original version (dated June 2003)

Thank you so much ! :smiley:

To expand the capability on my board I replaced the OTP processor with a FLASH processor loaded with the Microchip USB stack and bootloader, then I was able to develop firmware using the Virtual Com Port implementation and to modify the code via the USB port using Microchips demo application.
Its a bit more involved than using the Velleman firmware but not beyond someone with a little Microchip programming experience. At the moment I’m working on firmware for the WinUSB driver.

[quote=“VEL255”]You may download the original DLL source from:

This link now redirects to an online backup website, is the DLL source still available elsewhere?

e2a: No problem, I have now found it!


I re-open this post.

I’m trying to use the K8055 interface with my Raspberry Pi 3 using Windows 10 IOT.
Is it possible to to have a compiled dll (k8055.dll) for this device ?
The raspberry is a arm processor and don’t work with usual k8055*.dll

Thanks in advance for your help.


The first released K8055 interface for Raspberry under Windows 10 IOT with source code is available to download at :

The last version of raspk8055 DLL is available to download at :

Send bugs report to groumfice@gmail.com

Have fun with the K8055 Usb Card on the Raspberry Pi 3 (model B)

Sorry for reviving a very old thread, but I am having trouble downloading the source from box.net.

The link still seems to be active, but nothing happens when I click download. I have tried Edge, Chrome, Firefox and none of them are able to download.

Does anyone have a copy of the K8055 dll source code? Thanks!

Here is the link to the latest DLL version with source: https://app.box.com/s/5acegevqxq9ntpysfhcngtenbu53dqh2

More info about the new function CardVersion in this post:
Detect of K8055N via API