K8055 .dll not linking to VB express 2010


Pretty new to this, but i’m trying to use the v.4 .dll file for the K8055 in my VB 2010 project, but when i try
and link it to the project (Project>add reference>browse>K8055.dll) it gives me an error saying:

“A reference to 'C…(not typing whole address)…K8055D.dll could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible,”
and that it is a valid assembly or COM component."

I’ve added the .dll to ‘system32’ and tried to link that but nothing works, allways comes up with that^ error!

Dose anyone have any ideas why this is happening?? Do you have a .dll that works with VB express 2010?

My pc is running Windows Vista 32bit.

Thanks in advance.


This is just a guess but do you have the DLL in the same directory as your project?

I’m new to VB express as well but have seen this in other places in this forms board.

Hope this helps.


Tried it in almost every directory/folder combination, allways get the same error :confused:

According to the .dll manual it’s compatible with vista and VB 2008, i wonder if VB 2010 is different enough to VB 2008 so that
it wont work?

Will keep trying.

I’m sure there are already dozens of topics on this forum that explain the difference between a regular DLL and a .NET assembly. Both have the file extension .dll, but they a very different.

The K8055.dll is a regular DLL, not a .NET assembly, so you can’t add it “As Reference” in Visual Studio.

Putting the file in the system32 folder where Windows can find it is enough.

Thanks for the reply! so if i put the .dll in system32, definitions in VB2010 and all should work?


Excellent, thanks! Sorry for the newbie question lol!