K8055 controlling vacon 10 ac drive

Hello all
I am looking for some help in using the digital outputs of a k8055 to control the digital inputs of a vacon 10 AC drive. Where i need help is with the wiring as the vacon 10 has a 24 volt output which i am trying to use connected to the clamp of the Velleman. With this setup do you need to use the gnd on the velleman Digital outputs? and how do you create a circuit to the 24 volt as shown in the k8055 wiring diagram? If this cannot be done would you suggest using a k8090 usb relay board instead. Here is the url of the vacon 10 manual http://www.vacon.com/ImageVaultFiles/id_2862/cf_2/Vacon-10-User-Manual-DPD00717E1-EN.PDF?635226241961300000 the wiring is on page 43. Ill assume people have access to the velleman K8055 manual let me know if not and ill post a link.
Thanks in advance.