K8055 broken PIC problem/RMA request?

I just got a K8055 and it works great, but I stupidly broke one of the outputs on the PIC (connected to 12V!).

Is it possible to get a replacement programmed PIC, and if so how much would it cost? Do I need to get a RMA?


You can send this part by post, to us:

Velleman Components NV
Attn. Pascal De Petter - programming service.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

We will send a new, tested part back to you.

You don’t need a RMA nr.

As for original poster, I damaged the programmed PIC (16C745-IP) for the K8055 board & returned it to the previous address given in an ealier post. I have not had it returned or any confirmation, after ~3 weeks so I was just wondering if thats normal?

If it’s not been received or been lost in the post then can you advise cost of replacement?