K8055 and Vista

When I try the recent example software under Vista, tghe card will not work.

The old version seems to work however.

How come ???

I would like to try this thing under Vista.
Any suggestions ?

Kind regards.

We are currently looking into the Vista issue. As soon as there is an update, we will post it.

I have found that although versions 2 and beta3 of K8055d.dll will not work under Vista the original version 1 does work. It is huge (338kb) and sluggish but it is better than nothing for the time being. You can even use it in multi-card applications by replacing your SetCurrentDevice calls by a CloseDevice then OpenDevice call pair.

I hope however that Velleman do come up with a ViIsta compatible Version 4 as this first version is obviously not up to scratch in performance terms.

Thank you for your reaction.
And you are right… the old version works perfectly.

I could finish my project (automatoing some processes in a small biological mill) with it.


I’ve been playing around trying to run my K8055 cards under Vista. I am posting this in case anyone is interested in how I did it.

While Velleman’s V1 dll will run under Vista it eats processor time during I/O. I suspect it is using synchronous rather than asynchronous I/O routines and just loops waiting for the card wasting lots of CPU cycles.

The K8055 is an HID device and as such has a generic driver that Vista/XP loads when it is first plugged in. What is needed is a library that uses that driver to access the card.

I have found a ready compiled generic HID library at:
labs.mike-obrien.net/view.aspx?p … hidlibrary
It is a general HID device driver .NET 2.0 DLL that uses asynchronous I/O. and so uses far less CPU cycles than the Velleman V1 dll.

The details for specifically driving the K8055 can be found in the source:

The last bit of info that you need is the Velleman Vendor ID, 0x10cf, and the K8055 card PID, which is 5500 for address 0, 5501 for address 1 etc.

I have cobbled together a K8055 .NET VB interface to mike’s dll and tried both it and the Velleman V1 dll. Transfer times, at 6ms to 9ms depending on the operation, are obviously limited by the K8055 and take the same elapsed time but the processor cycle burn on mike’s library is a LOT less so if you are multi-threading you will get a lot more work done. Mike’s library will also do much more but I am not far enough up the learning curve yet do do more that straight I/O. The source is also available on Mike’s site if required so you can be entirely independent of anyone else’s code if you require.