K8055 and steppermotor


I wanna use a K8055 to read and write analog input and output also by the signals received by the K8055 board i wanna move a stepper motor, what card would you suggest to use for the stepper motor and steppermotor ? and can i combine those 2 in 1 software program ? i also have a K8000 card with the P8005 steppencontoller but the K8000 is not usb or is there a solution to make it work on an usb ?
Thx in advantage

Dear sir,

It is not possible to control the K8008 and/or the K8005 with USB. There is no workarround possible. We do have the K8096 and K8097 as an alternative.

Thx for answer,

what is the best alternative for the K8000 ? with almost the same features ?