K8048 works with original software (v2.3.2) but not latest

I’ve noticed that I cannot get the latest version of PicProg 2009 (downloaded last week from this site) to program PICs. It seems to be able to read them ok. However the old version (v2.3.2) that was distributed with the kit does appear to program the PICs perfectly.

I’m running the software using Wine on a Linux host as I no longer have access to a Windows PC with a serial port.

The native linux programmer at dev.kewl.org/k8048/Doc/
can interrogate the PICs, but cannot program either.

This is not an urgent issue for me, as I can use v2.3.2, but I would like to get the latest version and/or the linux programmer to work. Any ideas why the old version would work and not the new?