K8048 with 16f627 pic

Hi all, this is my first post and im just starting to learn pic programming.
I purchased the vm111 k8048 experimental board that came with a pic 16f627.
I managed to install everything correctly(i think).

I put the demo1(it came with the software as an example) onto the pic and when i turn the switch on the experimental board i see the leds light up(from LD1 to LD6) one at a time no problem there.

However when i take out the chip and try it on a prototype board no leds light up at all, i have tried to put only 1 led but still nothing. I connected 5v through pin 14 and a 3.3k resistor to pin 4 with the led connect from pin 6 to ground which is also connected to pin 5. I have been trying to fix it for ages please help is appreciated.


anyone i’m very stuck on this please!!??

heres an image of how im connecting it.

With this setup, make sure you are using the internal oscillator…


i have the same problem but i did connect a 4Mhz oscillator to pins 15 and 16 with both pins also grounded thru a 22pF capacitor.
nothing happens at all.


here are a few suggections.
Try a smaller resistor for the LED. 330 ohm
make sure the LED is the correct way around.
to check the internal oscilator it being used run it in the development board with out the jumpers.

Hope this is helpful.