K8048 : Problem with programming 16F627 with some software

Hi all,

i have 4 PIC types 12F675, 16F627, 16F73 and 16F877 and i can programm these PICs with the K8048 kit (16F877 with some extension board i built).
Problem : the 16F627 that comes with the board is programmable only with the old software Progpic2.exe (date on my filesystem: 23.11.2004),
with PigProg2009 (rev. 3.05) and with Picpgm (v1830) it gives write errors at any try.
All other PICs work fine with these software versions (if available in the list).

EDIT: some more details , tested with 2 laptops , same results.
Voltages without any Pic in place and K8048 set to “Prog”
Vdd :4,95V
Vpp : 13,05V
Pigprog2009 gives the errormessage “The settings don’t match the PIC in the programmer” even when i set correctly to PIC16F627 .

Any hint why this happens ? timing problems? voltage tolerances? ( i changed only the 78L12 and 78L05 with 7812 and 7805 on the K8048)