K8048 problem on PicProg2009 software

I am David Mburuzabudu from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Some time in January 2015 I bought a pic programmer K8048 from Micro Center in USA. I was told I would download the software from velleman website, which I did. The software available on the site is PicProg2009. I installed it on my pc running windows 7-ultimate and also on another pc with windows Xp service pack 3.

My problem is that when I try to program a 16F627A pic that came with the DIY KIT (or any other pic), the software says my settings do not match the pic in the programmer. In the settings available I seem to correctly select 16F family and pic16F627A. My K8048 is on COM3 and is being detected by the software. When I refer to k8048 operator manual examples the windows given for the settings refer to the old version of the software and components to be set are different. I am bogged I do not know what to change. I have tried different settings for the oscillator with no joy. If I opt to continue anywhere, and load the HEX FILE compiled, programming fails. There is nowhere in the manual where it refers to the PicProg2009 examples. Please assist. Both computers behave the same with this software.

The K8048 requires a native com port USB to Serial converters will not work
You can use an unregulated 12 volt DC or a regulated 15 volt DC power supply