K8048 (or K8076) programming a PIC 18F2458

Very general quistion.
I am thinking of using an 18F2458 on a project, I have a K8048 with an extender board running from the ICSP connector to allow me to program target systems, These target systems use mainly 16F627 and 16F628.

This extender board allows me to (re)program the PICs without continually removing them from the boards, very useful during code developement etc.

Just wondered if the K8048 or K8076 could program the 18F2458 ?

–> The K8048 is not compatible for programming PIC18F devices.

For the K8076(VM134) he’s not listed, but you can always send us a sample device and we can always try to implement the protocol in the PICprog software.