K8048 no pic found

hello, I just recently bought and assembled the k8048 PIC programmer, when i went to test and try to load the demo hex into the 18 pin 16f627 i got an error “NO PIC ON BOARD, PROGRAMMER MUST BE SET TO PGM MODE, PIC TYPE MISMATCH WITH SOFTWARE”

The Leds that are lit on standby mode is only ld7, and when i switch to pgm mode leds lit on are only ld9, ld8 and ld7 are not on, Ive tested all resistors and diodes and led polaritys, and multi checked the layout for any missed or misplaced component. Jumpers are all set for the 18 pin PIC, Im running out of ideas can anyone help me. The power supply im using is a 12v unregulated that reads 17v on my multi meter.

thank you very much



I have the EXACT same problem :frowning: but i cant find any answers


“but i cant find any answers”
On this forum there are a lot of discutions about this.

It could be have many reasons, all these will give the same message.
power,cable,assembly,pc uart,…