Where can I find a (complete) updated list of PICs compatible with K8048?


I don’t know of such a list. My understanding of the K8048 kit is that the hardware is compatible with pretty well any PIC. The chips that do not fit into one of the 4 sockets still can be programmed via the ICSP connector. The 4 sockets give you the ability to test with switches and LEDs and other things without a breadboard or external circuit. I believe the vast majority of PICs fit into one of the sockets (8, 14, 18 or 28 pin DIP).

The software that comes with the kit is compatible with quite a few PICs, which are listed in the respective documentation. When I got mine, there were 2 different software applications, each with a different set of compatible PICs. There is also third-party software such as WINPIC that is compatible with the K8048 hardware, which many have found includes their particular chip.