K8048 Kit Support

Hi. I have a K8048 built and ready to go. I realize that this kit is a bit dated…

  1. Is it still possible to download “DEMOF627.ASM”. If so, may I please have a link?
  2. Also, will I be able to program using PicProg2009 or will I need some older software? Again, if I need older software, may I have a link to download?
  3. Finally, did I read correctly that the K8048 will not connect using an USB to Serial Emulator? Is this correct?

Thank you,

Mark Shoemaker

You can download Picprog2009 from this link.
Once you install it you will find the examples in c:\program files or Program files (X86) \Velleman\Picprog2009\Examples
I have not tried it with Windows 10 so I can not say.
Yes you will need to have a native serial port.
You will also need to power it with a non regulate 12 volt poser supply or a regulated 15 volt supply.

Found the software, as you directed. Thank you, Wrong Way, for your prompt reply.

No problem.
I am not a programmer but had a lot of fun altering the examples.

Nice. I am in your past shoes then. Congratulations!

Software downloaded nicely and I set the Hardware Configuration to K8048. The PicProg2009 connected smoothly and I have a green power LED. Switching to SW5 to “PROG” gives a blinking LED9.

I attempted to compile “BLINKLED.ASM” using MPASM v5.20 but received “Error in parameter” message followed by the filepath to “BLINKLED.ASM”.

My settings:

  1. Radix: Hexadecimal.
  2. Warning Level: All Messages.
  3. Hex Output: INHX8M.
  4. Generated Files: Error File and List File.
  5. Case Sensitive: Checked.
  6. Macro Expansion: Default.
  7. Processor: 16F627.
  8. Extended Mode: Unchecked.
  9. Tab Size: 8.
  10. Extra Options: blank.

I am reading through manual to see if I made a mistake. Any ideas? Thanks.

Additionally, can “DEMOF627.ASM” be downloaded from anywhere? Perhaps “BLINKLED.ASM” will not work with the PIC16F627.

You should try Demo1 or Demo2
These are written for the K8048 and the PIC16F627
I also use Notepad++ for viewing the files it keeps in in a very nice format

Yes, thank you. Demo1 and Demo2 are the ticket. Compiled up without a hitch.

If you look at the examples you see where to make some changes to give you different effects.
Like I said lots of fun.