K8048 Doesn't work

I just hooked up a K8048 on a Dell Optiplex Windows 7 OS using PicPro2009. The GUI won’t allow me to select K8048 and is stuck instead in the newer K806 whatever programmer. Any ideas?

1- Have a look at Function => Hardware Configurations, and select your programmer kit (K8048, new version VM111) and COM port.
2- Disconnect serial cable from the programmer kit and connect pin 2 and pin 3 and perform look back test using Tera Term or PuTTy.
3- Try with Admin account instead of client user account, it work in my case atleast.

You should be able to change programmers without it connected to the computer.
K8048 requires a native serial port.
USB to serial will not work.
The power supply need to be an unregulated 12Vdc or a regulated 15Vdc
Do not use a cross over (null) cable with the unit.

Yes I have checked with UART to USB adapter, it does not work on VM111 (K8048) but UART to USB works with other application board.

I am receiving lot of errors in UART with native serial and also with UART to USB cable, what I am sending to PIC, I am not receiving the same. It always send send back same values. I can send you the code if you want to see.

Once again.
USB to serial port adapters do not work with the K8048.