K8048 Design error/fault

I recently purchases a K8048 PIC programmer kit and proceeded to build it.

It was only after I had completed the build that I noticed that when I tried to connect a serial cable to the board I couldn’t.
The reason is that the serial connector is located too far from the edge of the board and when you try to connect most serial cables to it the casing catches on the PCB. The only way to rectify this is to cut away the PCB.

Has anyone else found or reported this problem.

This is a “know problem” that some cable doesn’t fit correctly, our cables are fitting well.

Sorry to be pedantic but if it is a known problem why do you include connectors for people to make up their own cables when it is known that the supplied connectors will not fit ?.

… and the info. about the kit and the ready made job says that no cable is supplied. Info. needs to be updated as well as connectors. Mind you, it’s a very handy item when you’ve got it working.