K8048 - Connection problems

I have recently purchased and built the K8048 unit. I am unsuccessful in connecting it to my computer however as the software (PicProg2009) reports Err2 No Connection.

It is connected to the computer using serial port COM1. Using the hardware cofiguration VM111/K8048(serial). None of the COMM port settings light up as an option. Using VM134/K8076(serial) again no Comm ports are hilighted, However the hardware button is active but when pressed reports that the commport could not be initiated. What am I doing wrong?

My computer is an IBM 64 bit processor with VISTA Home 64-bit operating system.

I have also tried MPLAB IDE but not understood its variances na d had less success…


Did you get this working? I at least have the com ports listed that are on my system, but am unable to get the K8048 to be recognized. I have tried on 2 different computers. I also have tried both with and without a null modem.

One computer is a XP laptop with builtin com port.
Second computer is a Win 7 desktop with both builtin and USB com ports.

I wish that they had more com port troubleshooting information for the board.

Even a test program to test the com port would be better than just being able to try to connect with the PicProg2009.