K8047 (PCS10): How to access multiple devices through dll?


i currently write a program to read out the k8047 and it works fine. Now i wonder how i would adress multiple of those recorders? Or is this not possible?
Seems there is no function in the k8047d.dll which allows to adress a second or third device.

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As you noted, there is no addressing method in the DLL for the K8047 – sorry.


I have the same problem . I want to manage 2 PCS10 but it’s not possible with the k8047d.dll.
Is it possible to use a low-level order to do that? or add in the k8047d.dll source file the possibility to manage by adress or handle ?

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The address (VID and PID) of the PCS10 is hard-coded in the firmware.
Sorry, not possible to access more than one unit in one PC.