I purchased this kit, and running the attached program gives me error in shock, unable to enter the messages in the module, I have windows xp how I can enter messages in the module? thanks

Can you suppy details regarding the errors? Without it is hard to troubleshoot…

during installation you get the message: a file copied is older than the file currently on your system, it is recomended that you keep your existing file, your version 7026005512 do you want tu keep this file ?
once the installation get the message.
by mike setup was copied completed successfully.
to run out the message
K8045 editor: error 383 at runtime property "text " is read only
enstalacion depending also on the program to install get error 8002 in runtime invalid port number
my OS is windows xp, in case you can not run the program could you tell me the name of another program and where to download?
thanks for your reply greetings dimas

Either you have no COM1, it is in use or it is not functioning properly.
Check in the device manager of your PC.

thanks for the help, actually it was a pc error, sorry for my clumsiness, one last question rs232 cable can have all the connections and should only be 3 and 5.
Thanks again and received a cordial greeting dimas


have a question about K8045, we connect SUBD 9 (female) pole pins 3 and 5, whitch pole is Tx and whitch is Rx.

Thx for answers


K8045 is one way communication from PC to K8045, so only TX is required.
Pin 5 is GND.

thanx for answer


Is it possille to conect k8045 board to other devices (PLC not velleman products), whitch have RS232 communication?


Yes, if the other devices are capable of transmitting the K8045 protocol at 2400 baud.

Yes it can i checked, all i have to do is to properly configure PLC? or should i take some action on LCD software?



If you don’t mind me asking what was the PC error?


Hello every body
sorry for my poor english and my little experience in electronic section
I Need help please because i purchased a product from velleman proxy in Egypt the name of this proxy is El Nekhely& Brothers .
The code of this project is : k8045
(8 input programmable message board with LCD )
this is my graduation Project so i must complete it right and make it works
and i soldered all the components but after that the big Integrated circuit (ic) or micro controller of the project have been burned this ic or micro controller number is ( pic16C57C ) and i purchased another micro controller from an another electronic shop because i didn’t find this ic in velleman proxy (El Nekhely) but the problem is there is no Programming on this new micro controller and there is no program or hex on it and i need the program or the the hex of this 16c57c ic to programming it myself and i didn’t find the hex in any place or any website and this is too important to me
so please i want this software or this hex what can i do ?
please send it to me or give my website to download it and if any one can learn me how to programming this micro controller
but please i must to hurry because i will be tested on this project so can any body help me
realy i cant say any thing realy i need help
thanks so much
with my regards

Sorry, for copyright reasons we never supply .hex code.
You can return the defective processor for inspection/exchange to:

Velleman Projects
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

thanks for your Interest,
but i don’t know how to send this processor to this address and how much does this cost ?
can you explain to me how i send it ?
and after i will send this processor Is it possible to replace it with new one because there is a hole or a puncture on the defective processor and doesn’t fit again
how many days will be take to replace the processor because i will be tested in this project on 20th of April
last question please :
how much the replacement costs ? or its free :smiley:
thanks so much
best regards

You will get these kinds of issues if you are still using Windows XP. Even updated windows variants also showing error 0x80248007 sometimes. I think you should upgrade your operating system then the issue will solve, no need to worry.