K8042 with DC input

Hi all,

i’m very interested in finding a solution like k8042 but with a single unipolar DC input instead of dual AC… is it possible to modify k8042 to obtain this? thanks in advance.

No it is not possible with these kind of circuits. For this you would need a more complicated circuit and for a bit of good efficiency even a switching mode converter.

Thank you laserguy,

do you know if is there some dual output power supply lm317-337 based or with same grade of PSRR/noise available on the market?
I need it to deliver ±12v to my portable device, but it must have 6~24vDC Input …

No, not LM3x7-based. Only with switching converters this can be solved in an efficient way. I can’t think of a straight forward and simple and ready solution for the moment. Perhaps use Google to find some schematics with “normal” switching IC’s. Otherwise you can always use this kit by creating a simple switching converter that creates unstabilised + and - 18V or so. That is not so difficult to do, although you will have to make a transformer yourself (with center tap that will be the 0 for your + and - 18V).